‘Discover e-volunteering. Change the WWWorld!’ Conference

Wendy Hawkins from Intel Foundation, Mary Lisa Durban from Orange Fondation from France, Eva Hambach from European Volunteer Center – CEV, Jadwiga Czartoryska from Orange Foundation from Poland, Krzysztof Więckiewicz from the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and Jerzy Karwelis participated in discussion panel during the ‘Discoverev-olunteering. Change the WWWorld!’ Conference that took place on June 17th, 2013 in Warsaw, Poland. It was a great opportunity for European NGOs, companies, media and government to share their opinion on digital revolution and its impact to different parts of our lives, e.g. on social development and helping others.

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Virtual Santa Claus

You can be Santa Claus making children’s dreams come true via Internet!

Before Christmas, people tend to wonder more often about doing something good for others, making them happy even with the smallest gift. Thanks to modern technology, Santa Claus can work even on the Internet! Use Internet to make next Christmas merry for those who need your support the most. Give a gift and make someone smile!

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Nobody knows how to generally characterise modern moms. Every mom is different, special, but something tells us that they can no longer be seen through traditional stereotype of the Polish Mother (Matka Polka).

Modern mothers love their children but, at the same time, they remember about themselves, about their ambitions and passions – according to popular saying that happy kids are those who have happy moms. Young mothers are especially active online – it made us thinking, is that possible that a new type of Polish Mother is being born?

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E-volunteering manifesto

We are witnessing the moment when the people, freed from the dimensions’ barriers, create new behaviors and new methods of solving social problems. One of them is the powerful social movement of e-volunteering, linking positive initiatives in the Internet. Convinced about the power of e-volunteering, we want to support it, promote good practices, prevent obstacles hindering it’s development. To achieve this, we have launched the www.e-wolontariat.pl portal. It is a non-profit endeavor, engaging individuals, institutions, companies and non-governmental organizations. We want this portal to become a platform linking the leaders and organizers with e-volunteers and to strengthen e-volunteering in Poland. We are still looking for the answer to a number of questions: What is e-volunteering? What forms does it take? What is the scale of this movement? We want toarouse a discussion on that.

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