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Regardless of where you live, how old are you and what you do in your life – if only you’d like to and have got few minutes a week, you can support us with the promotion of the idea of e-volunteering across whole Europe!


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as a journalist:

you can support us in running!

Have you seen interesting article on e-volunteering? Or maybe you saw example of e-volunteering project on the Web? Or maybe you’re just interested in new technologies and their impact on everyday life, inclugind supporting others thanks to ICTs? If so, it is you who we’re looking for! Join our e-volunteering journalistic team! 

 We’re waiting for your articles (max. 2400 letters), press releases, photos and links 
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as a translator:

If you’d like to promote e-volunteering in your country, we encourage you to translate materials published on our website into your national language – we can publish your translation on our website, thus allowing userd to download them and fall in love with e-volunteering :)

Support us with the promotion

You can dowload our promotional materials (available soon) and post them wherever you want. You can also use our Flickr photos, pulished uder the CC-BY-SA licence: Remember to put there a link to our website and to inform us, where you posted our materials :)

Remember: together we can change the WWWorld! :)


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