Let’s find good on the Web together!


Contrary to the popular belief of some there are plenty of great initiatives on the Internet. Everyday people share their knowledge, create e-communities and change the world for the better using the power of ICTs. On E-volunteering.eu we promote the best e-volunteering projects. Want to know more? Check, what we do or contact us! :)

The E-volunteering Team:

Marzena Kacprowicz

Marzena Kacprowicz

Marzena Kacprowicz

Active Internet user, active e-volunteer. She’s been exploring Internet-based communities and their impact to the real world for few years. Thanks to them she’s convinced that new technologies can be a great tool for changing the world for the better. She supports different kind of activists in effective use of the huge potential of ICTs. Graduated from social policy; now takes care of the E-volunteering Program in the Good Network Foundation (Fundacja Dobra Sieć). She coordinated the ‘Hackathon for e-volunteering’ and the ‘Discover e-volunteering. Change the WWWorld’ conference. In free time reads surrealistic literature and attends rock concerts.






Beata Borowiecka

An enthusiast of local communities and ways of using new technologies to support their development. Deeply convinced that each of us has the potential to change the world for the better and the present provides us with the more and more resources to do that. In E-volunteering Programme works in organization of Polish and European edition of the ‘Discover e-volunteering’ competition, conducts workshops on volunteering and e-volunteering, . Besides the Internet – surrounded by music, sings polish folk songs for balance between present and past.


Dorota Brewczyńska