Hackathon for e-volunteering

The 1st Hackathon for evolunteering was sooo successful! During two creative days, thanks to great programmers and NGOs’ representatives, four codes for applications were created. They can change the WWWorld! :)

The Hackathon for e-volunteering took place on May 18-19, 2013 in Warsaw, Poland. It was two days long programmistic sprint aimed at creating apps that will help non-profits to change the world for the better:

Big, big thanks to:

  • Orange Foundation from Poland for great support and the team of the best volunteers,
  • Intel Tachnology Poland for support and brave programmers,
  • TechSoup Foundation from Poland: Agata, Ala and Ania for mentoring :),
  • Fundacja Wolnego i Otwartego Oprogramowania: Rysiek for help in choosing the licence for applications and for supporting programmers,
  • Michał Mach for  za ujarzmienie chaosu twórczego i wyprowadzenie zespołów na szeroki wody,
  • Volunteers: Martyna, Gosia, second Gosia, Iwonka, Ola, Ula, Tosia, Daria, Renatka and Agata for everything! :)

You are simply the best! :) You convince us that together ‘we change the WWWorld’!


See photo gallery: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.515383725175847.1073741825.130893796958177&type=3

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