What is e-volunteering?

E-volunteering is Internet-mediated volunteering, also referred to as virtual volunteering, online volunteering, cyber volunteering or digital volunteering. It is used to describe all activities, that are undertaken on the Web, done in a voluntary and non-paid way. Maybe you already are an e-volunteer, without even taking it into consideration? :)

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Internet jest bardziej społeczny, niż mogłoby się

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Contrary to the popular belief of some, spending time on the internet isn't only about wasting time. There are plenty of great initiatives undertaken on the Web that have got positive impact to the real world. And many more are developed every day! This positive trend encouraged us in 2009 to start the E-volunteering Program and create the 1st website in Poland dedicated to volunteering done via the Internet: www.e-wolontariat.pl. What is e-volunteering? What are the myths revolve around him? Who can be an a volunteer? How to creatively use new technologies for the common good? you can find all the answers on our website!