‘Discover e-volunteering. Change the WWWorld!’ Conference

Wendy Hawkins from Intel Foundation, Mary Lisa Durban from Orange Fondation from France, Eva Hambach from European Volunteer Center – CEV, Jadwiga Czartoryska from Orange Foundation from Poland, Krzysztof Więckiewicz from the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and Jerzy Karwelis participated in discussion panel during the ‘Discoverev-olunteering. Change the WWWorld!’ Conference that took place on June 17th, 2013 in Warsaw, Poland. It was a great opportunity for European NGOs, companies, media and government to share their opinion on digital revolution and its impact to different parts of our lives, e.g. on social development and helping others.

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Workshops on how to change the world… when surfing the net

The Conference consisted of two parts: workshop session, during which 5 workshops took place and the Final Gala od the ‘Discover e-volunteering’ Competition. Workshop participants were able to know more on, among others, how to act socially without leaving home, how e-volunteering can support on-site volunteering and why is it worth to organize corporate e-volunteering.

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Discussion panel on e-activities

Among the guests of discussion panel was Wendy Hawkins, Intel Foundation, Mary Lisa Durban from the Orange Foundation of France, Jadwiga Czartoryska from the Orange Foundation from Poland, Eva Hambach from the European Volunteer Centre (CEV), Krzysztof Więckiewicz from the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. The moderator of the panel was Jerzy Karwelis – mentor of the Good Network Foundation. The panel was dedicated to the impact of ICTs on personal and social development, as well as to the role of education and Internet-mediated activities in connecting people regardless of age, gender and country.

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Winners of the „Discover E-volunteering”

72 projects from 24 European countries were submitted to the 2nd edition of the ‘Discover e-volunteering’ Competition.International Selection Committee picked 13 projects, that took place in the final online voting. There were projects from Belgium, France, Great Britain, Spain, Croatia, Russia, Rumunia, Turkey, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Poland among finalists. They were awarded in to categories: for existing e-volunteering projects and for new corporate e-volunteering projects. Meet the winners!


In the category for existing e-volunteering projects:

Commendation for Corrigraphie, organizing the „Correction of documents on zCorrecteurs.fr” project.


3rd prize (ex aequo):

The Spinal Cord Paralytics Association of Turkey for innovative use of new technologies in drawing public’s attention to the problems of disabled people, increasing their life’s comfort and effective prevention of discrimination.

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Nobody’s Children Foundation for many years of professional assistance to children in difficult life situations, patience and commitment in activities that increase their sense of security in the world.

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2nd Prize (ex aequo):

De DrugLijn for the succesfull and systematic help offered to addicted people, as well as education about addiction via the Internet.

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Fundación Cibervoluntarios for many years of raising awareness on volunteering via the Internet, expanding group of e-volunteers in Spain and familiarizing the public with new technologies.

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1st Prize:

Center of Technical Culture Rijeka for innovative and successful usage of the Internet in order to connect and activate people at different ages, as well as distribution of the knowledge about city of Rijeka by using new technologies.

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In the category for new corporate e-volunteering projects

Grant for the implementation of new project in the category for new corporate e-volunteering projects received Stowarzyszenie na rzecz Osób Zagrożonych Wykluczeniem Społecznym „Ukryty Potencjał”.

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Hackathon for e-volunteering

During the Donference the partcipants of the Hackathon for e-volunteering were awarded too. What have they created?Read more!

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