There is huge social power on the Internet! 


According to the Digital Agenda Scoreboard 2012 regular internet users – those that use the internet at least once a week – currently represent 67.5% of the population of Europe. But they’re not only passive users – thanks to the Web 2.0 technology they can also create the Web. Every day people and communities share knowledge and skills, give advices, support each other on forums and do many different things we call: E-volunteering.


E-volunteering is a volunteer work conducted via the Internet. It is often called also virtual volunteering, cyber volunteering, digital volunteering, online volunteering, but it always refers to work where an online system (accessed through a computer, a mobile device, etc.) plays a key role in recruitment, facilitating access to tasks, and conducting that tasks (source). And there are plenty of activities that can be done via the Internet:

e-learning, free Web counseling, translating documents, researching information, editing or writing proposals, press releases, newsletter articles, forming assistance and self-help groups, moderating online discussion groups, coordinating campaigns, creating web pages, teaching on-line courses, providing expertise, designing graphics, editing videos, creating podcasts, monitoring the news, tagging photos and files, offering feedback and many, many more!


Virtual activities overcome the barriers of space and time, so they are accessible for everyone. No matter where you live – in small village or in a huge city, are you disable or not, through the Internet you can support every project you want.


And this is why we promote e-volunteering since 2009We launched the – the first website in Poland dedicated to volunteering done via the Internet. What is e-volunteering? What are myths around it? Who can become an e-volunteer? How to use ICTs for social good?Answers to all those questions can be find on


On the web site you can find also:

Within E-volunteering Program we organize also:

  • two competitions aimed at promoting and honoring the most interesting initiatives that engage volunteers who help other via the Internet: Polish „Odkryj e-wolontariat” and European ‘Discover e-volunteering’.
  • training projects and workshops for NGOs, institutions, companies and individuals,
  • actions promotiong e-volunteering and creative use of ICTs for social good,
  • We create publications under CC licences – you can freely use them!
  • And do researches.


Find out more at What we do and/or contact us – we’d love to share our experience with you :)




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