Virtual Santa Claus

You can be Santa Claus making children’s dreams come true via Internet!

Before Christmas, people tend to wonder more often about doing something good for others, making them happy even with the smallest gift. Thanks to modern technology, Santa Claus can work even on the Internet! Use Internet to make next Christmas merry for those who need your support the most. Give a gift and make someone smile!


“I was wondering, if you can be virtual Santa Claus – generous and anonymous – who makes some child’s dreams come true. There are many help campaigns, fundraisings in RL, but if 33% of Poles buy gifts online, so maybe 33% of us could buy a gift for child or family in need?” – ponders Monika Kulik, one of our volunteers. It was her idea to collect websites, that can pass gifts for needful children. So far we’ve managed to find two such websites: – a nationwide Christmas help campaign. Information on people in need are posted in anonymous online database, that you can choose a specific family from and prepare gifts. – Christmas project to help kids run by the group of young people. This year they will bring gifts for children living in Praga, district of Warsaw.

Join these campaigns!


Or maybe you have heard about similar websites? Or maybe you organize giving gifts via Internet yourself? If the answer is yes – please contact us – we post the information here.

Let’s do together something good for Christmas!


[translation made by e-volunteers – THANK YOU!]

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