“We take great pleasure in writing fairy tales and nursery rhymes for children. And that’s despite the fact that our readership does not consist only of the youngest children, but also of their parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents.”

“” is a place for people with vivid imagination. Thanks to it writers, poets, people who do not have anything to do with professional writing, and most importantly children themselves can publish their works on-line.

What do e-volunteers do? They supply authors with creative ideas, check spelling and style of texts supplied by them, and create audio-books – they record stories and rhymes, so that they also serve as a learning material; these audio-books are also a great help for blind people and those with impaired eyesight. Apart from all of that, they can be used by Poles living outside Poland, who do not have daily contact with their mother tongue. E-volunteers also record puppet shows basing on tales published on the website. Have you got an interesting idea for a story? Take a look at:!

Organized by: “Centrum Rozwoju Kultury i Edukacji”




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