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E-help for children and youth

Making children and youth feeling safe and supported, both in the real and virtual world. 


Laureate of the 2nd edition of the Discover e-volunteering competition. 


Nobody’s Children Foundation operates two major projects supported by e-volunteers. The oldest project in Poland that deals with risks associated with using new technologies,, was founded in 2007. In addition to free telephone chat it allows to talk, send messages via internet and e-mail. E-volunteers provide assistance for children and adolescents in Poland and around the world. Also receive messages from young people who left Poland and look for help and information. Second important project, founded in 2008, is ‘ 116 111’ helpline and website with anonymus form.


FDN is a member of ‘Child Helpline International’ and ‘Insafe’ – european network of Safer Internet program implementers, which aims to raise awareness of young people and their education regarding the safe use of new technologies. As a representatives of both networks, members of Nobody’s Children Foundation  train volunteers from partner organizations (including the Czech Republic, Hungary, Kenya, Cyprus). FDN representatives are members of the working groups, CHI – Working Group on New Communication Technologies and Data Project Group and sit in Insafe’s Advisory Committee for Helplines, actively shaping international policy on the provision of such E-helping children and young people.