Bułka z masłem. How to raise the capital in NGO

In 2010 the Good Network Foundation has implemented a project “Bułka z masłem. How to raise the capital in NGO” financed by the Civic Initiatives Fund FIO (Program Operacyjny Fundusz Inicjatyw Obywatelskich) of the Department of Public Utility of the Polish Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. The project was attended by 25 leaders of non-governmental organizations operating in Varmia-Masuria Voivodeship, Poland.

The aim of the project was to support NGO in the field of human, social and material capital, especially equipping them – through trainings, essential support and specialist publications  – in knowledge and modern tools, which can allow them to expand their activities in an effective and professional way, reinforcing their human, social and material capital. A special emphasis has been placed on the development of traditional and virtual volunteering (conducting via Internet) and its integral involving in management of the project.



The programme “Bułka z masłem. How to raise the capital in NGO” lasted for three months and included:

  • An innovative weekend training in Varmia-Masuria Viovodeship (in Ostróda and Ełk)
  • Meetings at the virtual training forum
  • Individual consultations with mentors from the area of the Varmia-Masuria Voivodeship
  • Creation (with the help of experts) of the individual strategy of development the organization and support at the start of its implementation
  • Publication of an educational and training issue „NGO2.0. Daj się złapać w Sieć!

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[translation made by an e-volunteer – Marta Dubak – THANK YOU!]

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