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We are social change agents conscious of the power of new technologies to bring about this change and empower people – born in 2001 Cybervolunteers Foundation had been pioneers in the creation of concept of cybervolunteer, not only in Spain, but also at international level.

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Despite the increasing level of civilization, many people still remain excluded from information society. Using new technologies, ‘Cibervoluntarious’ project helps them to empower themselves and increase their capacities and opportunities within their environment. All people have the same opportunity to access, learn and use new technologies to overcome the digital divide, eliminate social gaps and promote the knowledge society.


The Cybervolunteers Foundation uses technologies from a social perspective and contributes to the elimination of other gaps through awareness, information and training online, onsite and a mix of both, satisfying the needs of each individual or social group which they work with. To reach it, they conform and adapt a variety of applications, tools and technology contents for all the needs of excluded people may have!




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