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E-mailcounselling on alcohol, drugs, pills and gambling

Virtual assistance can bring real results! 

It turns out that e-mail may be the best way to ask for help and receive it. Experience of De DrugLijn speaks for itself. Originally it started as a telephone line, then it transformed into a multichannel contact centre that embraces the potential of online tools for low-threshold communication. One in two inquires at the helpline is made via the e-mail webform. In 2012 the DrugLijn will have helped more than 3000 people via e-mail!

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The helpline’s website has grown to become the pivotal point of all contacts. It provides not only static information, but also a range of interactive online knowledge and self-assessment tests as well as online self-help.  The main focus remains on confidential one-on-one contact in order to help people out with their questions, worries and concerns on substance use. Involved volunteers  dedicate 3 hours per week to provide a personal, warm and tailored answer to each e-mail the helpline receives. De DrugLijn works in strict anonymity, both for the people contacting the line as for the counselors.

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