The Internet is more social than it might seem at first glance! Report

We’d like to present a report showing the variety of social activities undertaken by Internet users. It is worth notice, that besides of using chats and social media, they also engage themselves into many voluntary actions. Enjoy! :)


European studies show that more than 70% of the European population has access to the Internet. That’s a lot, considering the fact that the age composition of European Internet users is quite broad. Thanks to the Web 2.0 development Internet users aren’t limited only to browsing for information but are able to interact – can add comments, blog or web page, create and publish their own apps or pursue social projects. What delights the most is that almost half of the population is convinced that the new technologies make world a better place!

Internet is more social than it may seem at first glance – it is thesis of the Good Network Foundation’s report. And it’s not only about the dynamic development of social networks! Social face of Internet consists of all kinds of social activities, which transfer from the real world to the Internet. Because these worlds are closely linked, actions taken on the web can have a big impact on what happens beyond.

Crowdfunding and e-philanthropy, citizen journalism, e-learning, projects that build knowledge resources and maps created by the community are just some of the initiatives, which involve internet users. Usually these are activities taken up of one’s own free will and without remuneration and therefore – voluntarily.

Since 2009 Good Network Foundation is observing social activities on the web by organizing nationwide competitionDiscover e-volunteering. Two editions show many social projects implemented on the Internet. They also allowed the analysis of e-volunteering in Europe and create a sketch of typology. What are distinguish types of e-volunteering? Who can become e-volunteer? The answers to these and many other questions can be found in the report available at

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