Employees, use your skills and change the WWWorld!

Did you know that you can do some good for others during the lunch break or on your way home?

It only takes:

your enthusiasm + Internet connection + NGO you want to help

How’s that possible?

Thanks to the Web 2.0 we can be not only receivers while we surfing the Web, but we can also be in touch with people all over the world – we can contact them, exchange knowledge, experience and services and support them as well!

There are as many ways of supporting others via the Internet as you can only imagine!
– From building sources of common knowledge,
– through translation of documents and supporting NGOs in promotion, marketing, fundraising, etc.
– to giving professional advices for free.

What is corporate e-volunteering?

Corporate e-volunteering means tasks undertaken by employees via the Internet in a voluntary and non-paid way. Just like the traditional corporate volunteering, corporate e-volunteering is also supported by an employer, e.g. in a financial or material way or by giving employers day off to undertake voluntary actions.

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