Interactive e-university for isolated children Kolibri gives sick children in hospitals or children living in hard condition the opportunity to meet with outstanding men and women, like explorers, architects, etymologists, scientists, musicians, who thanks to the creative usage of new technologies stimulate their education and development.

Laureate of the 1st edition of the  


The project is based on two modern Internet platforms:

  • through unique software Kolibri e-volunteers stimulate children’s reading and writing, help to acquire vocabulary and feed their culture, by providing online classes, sending them messages, riddles, pictures or even videos from all over the world, as well as answering individual questions.
  • Thanks to the Radio Kolibri, first ever tailor-made podcast media in hospital, e-volunteers can tell children about their experiences and professional jobs, read stories, broadcast discovery programmes about art and music. Moreover, youngsters can actively participate in creation of such radio auditions!

E-volunteers offer also their talent as webmasters, press agents and scientists.




Name of organization: L’enfant @ l’hôpital

Project title: KOLIBRI FOR ALL

Project website: http://www.enfant-hopital.org/spip.php?rubrique71